About us

About Majestic Aussie Puppies- We were blessed to start our breeding program with exceptional breed specimens that resulted from dedication and hard work of many generations of breeders in this country and around the world. Now it is our turn to share our success with fellow breeders – our Puppies are making an impact in show rings and whelping boxes not only in Western hemisphere but in many European countries as well.

Our Australian Shepherd Puppies are raised with love along with other home pets and kids. We spare no effort or expense in the raising of our puppies. We have been breeding for 11 years so a healthy puppy is guaranteed. Our motto is Quality, not Quantity. All of our puppies are sold as pets and we do have Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale twice every year. We provide a written Health Guarantee. We spend time with each and every one of our dogs every day. Our puppies are well socialized with plenty of people. All of our dogs have excellent temperaments and personalities, not to mention they’re beautiful too.

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All our Aussie Puppies For Sale are born, raised and live in our house as a part of our family, kenneling dogs is against our philosophy of dog ownership. Our Shepherds have 24 hours a day access to the one acre-big securely fenced back yard via a dog door and they all live as one pack. That’s why, when breeding, we pay close attention to producing happy, friendly dogs with easy going temperaments.

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